5th Symposium – 2015

Organized by our chamber `5. The Symposium on Strengthening Historical Artifacts and Transferring them Safely to the Future was held in Erzurum. The symposium, organized by IMO Erzurum Branch and Izmir Branch, lasted 3 days.

The symposium, which was also broadcast live on the internet, was held at Atatürk University Nenehatun Culture and Performance Center. At the symposium, which started on Friday, October 1, after a moment of silence and the singing of the National Anthem, Chamber of Civil Engineers Erzurum Branch President İlhan Tohumcu and Izmir Branch President Ayhan Emekli took the floor and made their opening speeches. Then, our Chamber’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, Nevzat Ersan, came to the podium and stated that today they will be in search of how and by what method the works that witness history and are the bearers of history will be carried to the future.

Pointing out that Turkey is an earthquake country, Ersan stated that historical awareness is not sufficiently developed and said, “Historical monuments are literally abandoned to their fate due to reasons such as wars, negligence, carelessness and misuse.” He stated that the Chamber of Civil Engineers is trying to bring academics, historians, civil engineers and architects together on the same ground and discuss the issue in order to make historical monuments visible, to protect our cultural heritage against earthquakes, and to develop a sense of ownership of them.

After Nevzat Ersan, Erzurum Technical University Deputy Rector Prof. Dr. İrfan Kaymaz and Atatürk University Deputy Rector Prof. Dr. İrfan Küfrevioğlu took the floor and made his speech.

Atatürk University Deputy Rector Prof. Dr. İrfan Küfrevioğlu was thanked for his contributions and hosting of the symposium and was given a plaque by Cihat Mazmanoğlu, Treasurer Member of the Chamber of Civil Engineers. Also speaking at the opening, Erzurum Technical University Deputy Rector Prof. Dr. İrfan Kaymaz was thanked by Chamber of Civil Engineers Board Member Necati Atıcı, Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Sekmen was thanked by Chamber of Civil Engineers 2nd President Şükrü Erdem, Erzurum Provincial Deputy Governor Fatih Gül was thanked by Chamber of Civil Engineers Board Chairman Nevzat Ersan for their contributions. and a plaque was presented.

After the opening speeches were completed, the session started where the invited speakers made their presentations. Paper presentations, which attracted great interest from the participants for 3 days, were made in halls A and B.

Prof. from Minhho University in Portugal, who was invited as an invited speaker on the first day. Dr. Paulo Lourenço and Prof. from Ohio University in the United States. Dr. Halil Sezen made their presentations. Another invited speaker on Friday, October 2, Asst. Assoc. Dr. Nurçin Çelik made her presentation. Following Çelik, corporate presentations were made by the General Directorate of Highways, the General Directorate of Foundations and Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality about the restoration of historical monuments in their service areas. In the panel held after the paper presentations on Saturday, October 3, the last day of the symposium, panelists and participants stated that the symposium was very productive and successful, and that all details should be considered for the next symposium to be better.

After the panel, a group of approximately 100 people visited historical monuments in Erzurum, especially from the Saltuk and Ilkhanid periods, such as Yakutiye Madrasa, Çifte Minareli Mosque, Stone warehouses, Taşhan and Erzurum Castle.

You can click on the volumes to access the Proceedings Book of the Symposium on Strengthening Historical Artifacts and Safely Transferring them to the Future. Vol 1 – Vol 2

5th Symposium – 2015
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