6th Symposium – 2017

The 6th Symposium on the Preservation and Strengthening of Historical Buildings with International Participation, organized jointly by IMO Istanbul and Trabzon Branches on behalf of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, was held on 2-4 November 2017, in Trabzon, by Karadeniz Technical University Prof. Dr. It took place at Osman Turan Congress and Culture Center. The opening speeches of the meeting were made by IMO Chairman of the Board of Directors Cemal Gökçe, Istanbul Branch President Nusret Suna, IMO Trabzon Branch President Mustafa Yaylalı and Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu.

The first session of the symposium was attended by Prof. Dr. It was directed by Alper İLKİ. In this session, Invited Speaker Gianmarco de FELICE presented their papers titled “Externally Adhered Textiles for Strengthening Historical Buildings Against Earthquakes” and the other Invited Speaker Nicola BERLUCCHI presented their papers titled “Restoration and Strengthening of Monumental Buildings: The Need for a Multidisciplinary Approach”.

The second session was moderated by our Chamber President Cemal GÖKÇE. General Directorate of Foundations Presentation by Şengül KONCAGÜL, General Directorate of Highways Presentation (In Memory of Halide SERT) by Süheyla YILMAZ, İMO Aydın Branch Workshop Results Presentation by Prof. Dr. The Presentation of IMO Hatay Branch Workshop Results was made by Ayşe SAĞSÖZ and Asst. Assoc. Dr. Submitted by Mine TEMİZ.

Third Session, Prof. Dr. It was managed by Fevziye AKÖZ and our Branch President Nusret SUNA. In this session, the earthquake risk management guide of historical buildings in Turkey, Repair and Strengthening Works for the Restoration of Trabzon Ortahisar Fatih Mosque, Use of Wooden Material in the Structural System in Worship Buildings (Churches / Mosques) of Different Societies: A Method Proposal Hagia Trıada Church, Mint-İ Amire` There were presentations on the Examination of Iron Covering Systems of Turkey on Two Structures and Protection Recommendations. Fourth session, Prof. Dr. It was moderated by Nabi YÜZER and Chamber Secretary Member Hüseyin KAYA. In this session, Determination of Material Properties Required to Calculate Dynamic Behaviors of Historical Masonry Structures: Lala Pasha Mosque Example, Examination of Sulfate Resistance of Blast Furnace Slag and Basalt Fiber Reinforced Restoration Mortars, Effect of Clays Calcined at Different Temperatures and Times on Lime Mortar, Algal and Bacterial Alterations in Historical Building Stones. and A Study on the Use of New Generation Composite Mortars for the Repair of Historic-Old Buildings.

Fifth session Prof. Dr. It was managed by Ayşe DALOĞLU and IMO Trabzon President Mustafa YAYLALI. In this session, Zonguldak Region Water Mills and Their Technical Features, Historical Continuity and Preservation Problems of Seyit Battal Gazi Lodge, Examination of Traditional Turkish Houses in the Sütçüler District of Isparta, Preservation Approach in the Example of Two Small-Scale Monumental Buildings and the Problem of Preserving Their Values in the Refunctioning of Madrasahs. ; There were presentations on Hadım Hasan Pasha Madrasah and Esekapı Madrasah Examples.

Sixth session Prof. Dr. Şakir ERDOĞDU and IMO Trabzon Branch Board Member Dr. It was directed by İsmet ÇALIK. In this session, Structural Properties of Reinforced Concrete Frames in Silahtarağa Power Plant, Aydin Old Bath Plaster Properties, Construction Technique and Material Properties of Roman Period Flooring Mosaics, Improvement of Mechanical Properties of Fly Ash and Polypropylene Fiber Lime Mortars with Cement Reinforcement, and Design and Injectability of Hydraulic Lime Based Injection Material. There were presentations on research topics.

Seventh session Prof. Dr. Zeynep AHUNBAY and our Chamber Treasurer Member Asst. It was directed by Assoc. Prof. Cem OĞUZ. In this session, Environmental and Earthquake Response Analyzes of Fatih Mosque in Time and Frequency Environment, Numerical Investigation of In-Plane Behaviors of Unreinforced Masonry Walls, A Case Study on the Strengthening of Historical Mosques with Wooden Carrier Systems, Application of the Static Pushing Method in Historical Masonry Structures and Mathematical Analysis of Konya Mevlana Museum There were presentations on Modeling and Evaluation of Results.

Eighth session Branch Secretary Member Assoc. Dr. Murat Serdar KIRÇIL and IMO Trabzon Branch Board Member Asst. It was directed by Assoc. Prof. Dr.-Tuğçe ANILAN. In this session, An Evaluation on the Preservation of Historical Educational Buildings That Maintain Their Original Function: “Menemen Example, Izmir”, “Tracing a Building from Cinema to Fethiye (Megri) Aya Nikolas Church…”, “Accessibility and Usability in Historical Buildings” and “Historical Tire Bedesten” There were presentations on “Restoration and Refunctioning of the Structure”.

Ninth session Assoc. Dr. It was managed by Kemal BEYEN and the Vice President of our Chamber, Şükrü ERDEM. In this session, Determination of Dynamic Characteristics of a Historical Mosque with Analytical and Experimental Methods, Estimation of Modal Behaviors of Historical Stone Arch Bridges Depending on Bridge Dimensions, Causes of Damage and Repair Techniques in Historical Stone Arch Bridges, Effect of Ground, Support, Horizontal and Vertical Earthquake Conditions on Historical Building Behavior. and Earthquake Analysis of Historical Buildings and Kargı Inn Example.

Tenth session Prof. Dr. It was managed by Adem DOĞANGÜN and our Chamber Board Member Necati ATICI. In this session, Re-functional Use of Traditional Houses: Yozgat Example, Classification of Historical Wooden Bridges in Turkey According to Their Construction Systems, Preservation of a Traditional Wooden House Building with its Original Values in Kuşadası, Seddülbahir Castle Structural Analysis Studies and Dynamic Identification and History under Free Vibration. There were presentations on Coastal Protection in Buildings: Çanakkale Seddülbahir Castle Application.

Eleventh session Prof. Dr. It was directed by Ayşe DALOĞLU. In this session, Invited Speaker Prof. Dr. Zeynep AHUNBAY, Preservation of a World Heritage: Hagia Sophia and other Invited Speaker Prof. Dr. Oğuz CEYLAN presented his papers titled Edirnekapı Ayios Yeorgios Church and Its Buildings (School Building, Priest House, Guard House, Bell Tower, Garden Walls, Fountain) Restoration Application in 2014-2015-2016-2017.

Twelfth session Prof. Dr. It was managed by Erdem CANBAY and our Chamber Board Member Cihat MAZMANOĞLU and Necati ATICI. In this session, II. An Evaluation on the Repair Application of Bayezid Mosque Between 2013 and 2016, Model Calibration of Three-Layer Stone Masonry Walls Forming Historical Masonry Buildings According to Out-of-Plane Effects: İsabey Mosque Example, Change in the Effect of Seismic Isolation Application on Historical Building Performance Depending on Earthquake Magnitude in the Case of Zal Pasha Mosque, Çatalca , Inceğiz Mosque 1983 Restoration Evaluation and Suggestions, and Preservation Suggestions for a Historical Monumental Gate.

Thirteenth session Asst. Assoc. Dr. It was managed by Arif Emre SAĞSÖZ and our Branch Board Member G. Yaşın ARSLANOĞLU. In this session, Simplified Natural Frequency Formulas Based on Experimental Methods for Historical Masonry Minarets, Determination of the Elasticity Module of Load-bearing Brick Walls in Historical Buildings with Experimental and Mathematical Models, Effect of Lime Type on the Properties of Khorasan Mortar, Dynamic Thermal Performance Models Calibrated for Internal Microclimate Conditions of Historical Buildings. There were presentations on the topics of Evaluation by Method and Investigation of the Usability of Blast Furnace Slag Based Mortars as Plaster in Historical Buildings.

Fourteenth session Prof. Dr. It was managed by Şevket ATEŞ and our Chamber Board Member Cemal AKÇA. In this session, presentations were included on the Characteristics of the Scaffolding System Used in the Restoration of the Historical Malabadi Bridge and Its Importance in Conservation and Investigation of the Existence of Archaeological Remains Underground in the Inner Area of Akçakale (Trabzon, Turkey) with Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), one of the Geophysical Methods.

Fifteenth session Prof. Dr. It was managed by Ömer YÜKSEK and İMO Trabzon Branch Board Member Muzaffer AYDIN. This session included presentations on Thermal Behavior Analyzes in Historical Buildings, Evaluation of Kapıüstü Masjid Minaret in Terms of Structural Engineering, Protection of Historical Buildings from Plant Damage, Discussing Conservation Problems through Application Examples at Single Structure and Texture Scale in Different Functions, and Project Management Problems.

Sixteenth session Asst. Assoc. It was directed by Dr Tuğçe ANILAN. In this session, the Use of Weathering Index Map in the Protection and Strengthening of Historical Buildings, Evaluation of Mixed Protected Area Boundaries in the Context of Conservation: Ankara Hacı Bayram Mosque and Its Surroundings Example, An Example of Standardization in the Inventory of Foreign Immovable Turkish Cultural Assets, Square Planned 13th Century. There were presentations on Static Analysis of Anatolian Seljuk Structure Konya Zenburi Mosque, Mardin Nusaybin Mar Augin (Evgin) Monastery Simple Repair Application and Examination of Earthquake Performance with Non-Destructive Methods in Historical Buildings to be Restored Case Study: Sinop Historical Prison.

In the Travel and Social Event Program organized within the scope of the Symposium, a historical city tour was held on the second day of the Symposium. In the evening of the second day, the “Temples of the East Piano Recital” given by Tuluyhan UĞURLU was watched.

Click here to access the Proceedings of the 6th Symposium on the Protection and Strengthening of Historical Buildings.

6th Symposium – 2017
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