Symposium Topics

1. Structural Health Monitoring and Archiving in Historical Buildings

1.a. Determination and Monitoring of the Structural Health of Historical Buildings with Non-Destructive Methods
1.b. Inventory of Historic Buildings and Establishing a Databank (Local, National and Neighbouring Countries?)
1.c. Archiving

2. Seismicity, Structural Analysis and Strengthening of Historic Buildings

2.a. Innovative Methods in the Analysis of Historic Buildings
2.b. Solid Recommendations for Earthquake Induced Damage and Conservation of Historic Buildings
2.c. Determination of Earthquake Performance of Historical Buildings and Strengthening Projects
2.d.  Repair and Strengthening Studies and Application Examples

3. Materials Used in Historical Buildings

3.a. Characteristics of Materials Used in Historical Buildings
3.b. Use of Ready-Mixed Mortar in the Repair of Historic Buildings
3.c. Evaluations on the Use of Materials in the Preserving of Historic Buildings
3.d. Material Analysis and Evaluation of Materials Laboratories
3.e. Contemporary Material Search and Correct Material Use in Restoration and Conservation
3.f. New Methods in Restoration

4. Legislation and Conservation Principles in Historic Buildings

4.a.  The Importance of Interdisciplinary Work in the Protection of Our Cultural Heritage
4.b.  The Importance of Civil Engineering in Restoration Decision Mechanisms
4.c. Studies and Evaluations of Public Institutions and Organizations Related to Historical Structures; Examining and Observing the Followed Methods
4.d. Cultural and Economic Dimensions in Conservation of Historic Buildings and Issues
4.e.  Problems in Conservation of Historic Buildings
4.f.  A Successful University-Public-Private Sector Relationship in preserving of Historical Structures
4.g.  Environmental Impacts on Historic Structures
4.h. Connections of Historical Cultural Heritage Preservation with the concept of Legal Structure and Ownership of the Property
4.i. Dissemination of incentive practices in Conservation and Restoration

5. Restoration Practices in Historical Buildings

5.a. Repair in Historic Structures
5.b. Historical Bridges and Historical Water Structures
5.c. Restoration Projects and Application Studies
5.d. Reconstruction Applications
5.e. Examples of Positive and Negative Practices within the Scope of Legislation and Protection Principles
5.f. Conservation Strategies in Practice and Issues related to Restoration Operations

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